Lawyer and Notary AD
 Kornelia Wahl-Schneiders

Kornelia Wahl-Schneiders

    • Banking Law
    • Family Law
    • Commercial- and Corporate Law
    • Land Law

    Foreign Language: English

    P +49 (611) 44 90 91

    After passing her exams, Kornelia Wahl-Schneiders joined our law firm in Wiesbaden in the year of 1980. Representing a regional bank, she has been mainly active in the field of banking law for many years. Another focus of her activities is on company law where she advises several medium-sized enterprises. Owing to her function of notary public, Kornelia Wahl-Schneiders moreover disposes of special knowledge in the field of real-property law. Also in family-law matters, she is competently at your side with her many years of experience.
    Kornelia Wahl-Schneiders has been a managing director and legal counsel of the Federal Association of German Mailorder Booksellers (Bundesverband der Deutschen Versandbuchhändler) for almost 30 years. On a honorary basis, she is actively involved in the managing boards of two large misuc foundations. She is a member of the managing board and chairwoman of a complaints department of the Chamber of Lawyers of Frankfurt am Main and member of a Wiesbaden-based Rotary Club.