Frank G. Siebicke

Frank G. Siebicke

  • Certified Expert for Law of Succession
  • Commercial- and Corporate Law
  • Land Law
  • Law of Succession
  • Succession Planning

Foreign Language: English, Spanish

P +49 (69) 69 59 79 60
Frankfurt am Main

Frank G. Siebicke works a business adviser for his clients who come from various lines of business and in most cases are acting internationally. Well respected foundations and other charities also belong to his clients.

His core business is to assist and advice business entities regarding their contractual relations to customers, suppliers and other business partners; furthermore the acquisition of subsidiary companies or real estate as well as consulting clients in critical situations.

Another field of activities is the individual planning of succession for entrepreneurs or private individuals. He says: „Active and distinguished precautions against the risks in various parts of our life are essential parts of a modern and active man’s responsibilities. To achieve this tax law rules must be taken into account in any event."

Frank G. Siebicke advices and represents his clients frequently in legal matters regarding the law of succession and is acting as an executor of an estate in various cases.

When advising clients he is benefiting a lot from his five years’ experience as an entrepreneur outside the legal business.

Frank G. Siebicke is a member of the board of the Rechtsanwaltskammer Frankfurt am Main (Frankfurt Law Society) and furthermore heading its subcommittee for the law of succession. In addition to that he is for more than 30 years a member of the Familienunternehmer (ASU).