Dr. Stefan Reis

Dr. Stefan Reis

Graduate Commercial Engineer

  • Certified Expert for Industrial Property Rights
Business- and Company Law, Commercial- and Corporate Law, Insolvency Consulting, Insurance Law

Foreign Language: Englisch

P +49 (611) 44 90 91

Dr. Stefan Reis first studied commercial engineering at the University of Technology of Darmstadt and acquired the academic degree of a Graduate Commercial Engineer. After completing his law studies in Frankfurt/Main in the year of 2000, he first worked as lecturer for civil law at a supraregional legal review course. Dr. Stefan Reis did his doctorate under Prof. Dr. Lerke Osterlo, Judge at the Federal Constitution Court, on the subject "Consumption-oriented taxation of corporations from a constitutional point of view". He has been a member of our law firm since 2003 and a partner since 2007.
In the course of his legal clerkship, Dr. Stefan Reis worked, during an extended stay in the USA, for the renowned US business law firm Heller Ehrmann in San Francisco.  
Since 2006, Dr. Stefan Reis has had a teaching assignment for the subject of insolvency law/reorganization at the University of Applied Science of Wiesbaden.
Dr. Stefan Reis will competently advise you in all matters under commercial law. Apart from insolvency law and reorganization consulting, he is especially interested in mercantile and company law. Further foci of his activities are protection of industrial property, especially trade mark and competition law, as well as insurance law.