Lawyer and Notary
 Anne Schleisiek

Anne Schleisiek

  • Certified Expert for Labour Law
  • Labour Law
  • Family Law
  • Law of Succession
  • Real estate Law

Foreign Language: English, French

P +49 (30) 884 49 60

After completing her education in Berlin and Paris, Anne Schleisiek joined the partnership in Berlin in 1989 and became a partner in 1993. In 1996, she acquired the admission to practise as a notary public and, in 2002, the admission to practise as a lawyer specialized in labour law.

Anne Schleisiek represents your interests in matters under individual as well as collective labour law.Furthermore, Anne Schleisiek supports you in all matters under family law and law of succession.

Her activities comprise legal representation of interests as well as also notarial drafting and recording (counselling and representation in divorce proceedings and all matters related therewith, as in particular settlement and division of assets, maintenance, custody and right of access, in the entire area of law relating to succession and statutory portions, in the distribution of the estate, execution of will, etc.; official recording of marriage contracts, separation agreements and agreements on the consequences of a divorce, last will and testaments and testamentary contracts, agreements on the distribution of estate, applications for certificates of inheritance, etc.).
Another focus of the notary's office is on real-property law.Anne Schleisiek is a member of the Working Group for Labour Law, Family Law and Law of Succession (Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Arbeitsrecht, Familien- und Erbrecht) of the German Bar Association (DAV).